Background Check Policy

Background checks are conducted to support workplace productivity, safety and security by ensuring applicant backgrounds and qualifications are suitable for the position being considered.

It is the policy of Little Amerricka LLC, as part of its hiring procedures, to conduct background checks on finalist(s) for all positions. These checks will be job-related, consistent with business necessity and conducted pursuant to all applicable laws, rules, policies and procedures. Background checks may include, but are not limited to, an analysis of public and private documents; contact with former employers; verification with educational institutions or licensing/credentialing boards; information from background check providers; contact with professional references; and other pertinent information and resources. Employment offers will generally be made after successful completion of applicable background check(s). However, any offers of employment made prior to completion of the background check(s) shall be contingent upon successful completion of the check(s). Finalist(s) may be rejected if they provide inaccurate, untruthful information, or don't fully participate in required background check.